What is Covid 19 infection?

COVID-19 or Coronavirus causes respiratory tract infection. The symptoms range from mild cough and fever to severe pneumonia. It affects different people in different ways. Most infected people develop mild to moderate illness and recover at home itself. But some people can face serious symptoms like difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, or loss of speech and movement, in such cases the individuals need medical attention.

 How Can Covid 19 Cause Brain Damage?

 An increasing study of Coronavirus indicates that acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has an organotropism beyond the respiratory tract and that the brain is also a site of infection. The researchers concluded that pericyte infection by SAR-CoV-2 triggers entry of the virus into the central nervous system, leading to inflammation, neurological symptoms, and compromise of the blood-brain barrier.

 People suffering from COVID-19 brain disease call themselves “long haulers” and the health conditions are known as post-COVID 19 syndrome or long COVID-19. If you have been diagnosed with Covid 19 brain infection or you are concerned you may have, consult an online neurologist or mind doctor in Delhi.

Covid 19 Cause Brain Damage

 About 1 in 10 individuals who had Covid 19 virus have developed neurological side-effects or Covid 19 brain disorder. The virus doesn’t directly attack their brain nerves but causes problems like confusion, impairment in sustained attention, headaches, and nausea. The symptoms represent underlying morbidity that contributes considerably to coronavirus mortality.

 The side effects start showing up after someone has healed from the flu-like symptoms of Covid

Records show that up to 20% of people who had COVID-19 infection, developed short-term memory loss and loss of attention. Many other individuals reported more serious Covid 19 brain diseases like inability to focus, change in behavior, seizures, and strokes.

 After doing studies, some experts believe that low oxygen levels for a long unit of time cause severe illness. It is found that people who went on oxygen therapy had lower gray matter volume in their brain as compared to those with COVID-19 who didn’t need to undergo oxygen treatment. Experts have concluded the lower gray matter in the brain implies more intense Covid 19 brain symptoms. It persists for up to 6-7 months after COVID-19 recovery.


Covid 19 brain damage symptoms

Those individuals suffering from Covid 19 brain disorder are most likely to experience lingering COVID-19 symptoms. Such signs and symptoms include-

  •             Shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing.
  •             Joint pain, muscle pain
  •             Fatigue
  •             Headache
  •             Cough and fever
  •             Difficulty in sleeping
  •             Depression
  •             Loss of memory
  •             Impairment in sustained attention
  •             Dizziness when standing
  •             Fast and protruding heartbeat, chest pain
  •             Symptoms worsen after physical exercises


COVID-19 can cause severe symptoms like strokes, seizures, and Guillain-Barré syndrome (temporary paralysis). It also enhances the chances of developing Perkinson and Alzheimer’s disease in the future.

 What does Covid 19 brain fog mean?

 Let’s try to understand what brain fog is. It is not a medical term and individuals use this term to describe when they are feeling dizzy, sluggish, and fuzzy. Brain fog describes many lingering symptoms including inability to sleep, fatigue, body aches, and headache. These symptoms can be due to permanent damage to the lungs, kidneys, or other organs. Damage in these organs can cause impairment of thinking and memory, eventually causing brain fog. For example, how can you concentrate on work if you are up almost the whole night and you wake up feeling fatigued and have a headache? The very first thing to do is get an appointment with the top 10 neurologists in Delhi NCR or simply talk to a doctor online.

 Covid 19 brain effects

 After doing researches the scientist concluded that

SARS-CoV-2 can impact the brain. One of the common effects on the brain is the loss of smell. The virus can invade the olfactory cells. These cells are susceptible to a viral invitation and are concentrated in the nose. Through them, the virus further reaches the olfactory bulb in the brain, which is near the hippocampus. This area is involved in short-term memory. The experts believe this is the reason for cognitive decline seen in COVID-19 patients.

 Even in younger patients, there is a chance to develop a neuropsychiatric syndrome of reduced cognitive and memory. Covid 19 brain symptoms can get severe, the individual should get in touch with a top neurologist in Gwalior or book a neurologist online chat.

Brain clots and blood vessel problems in Covid 19 infection

 Unfortunately, doctors are discovering another risk caused by Coronavirus is brain clots. This can lead to life-threatening strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary embolism, and long-term complications. COVID-19 brain clots are a serious condition, if left untreated, patients can damage their brain, heart, and lungs. COVID-19 can weaken the blood vessels and cause them to leak, which can eventually lead to long-lasting problems with different organs.

 The neurological symptoms in COVID-19 brain infection are getting more and more severe. The list includes brain fog, brain clots and also brain stroke, hemorrhage, and memory loss.

COVID-19 brain stroke is another serious condition. The patient faces trouble walking, understanding, and paralysis of limbs. Such medical conditions should be treated as soon as possible by consulting an online neurologist.

 Covid 19 brain damage treatment

 COVID-19 brain damage can be treated by the following methods-

  •             Performing aerobic exercises- The patient needs to start slow. Perhaps just doing it for 3 to 4 minutes a few times a day.
  •             Eat proper meals- A healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, and salmon, and meat can improve thinking abilities and memory. Nerve repair food is effective for Covid 19 brain damage patients.
  •             Avoid drinking alcohol and taking drugs- These substances can adversely affect your brain, try and avoid them. Give your brain the best possible chance to heal.
  •             Adequate sleep- Make sure your brain and body get enough rest. Sleep is the time when the brain can clear out unnecessary things and work towards healing.
  •             Participate in social activities- Socialising can help in improving your mood, thinking, and memory.
  •             Practice mindfulness and try to keep positive mental health by indulging in activities like listening to music or reading a novel.

 Every individual who has COVID-19 must recover quickly, but the potential post-COVID-19 symptoms make it more important to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by following precautions like wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, getting yourself vaccinated, and keeping away.

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