Sanitizers, masks, and gloves have become the norm. Gone are those days when we could go out wherever we wished, or whenever we wish, gone are the days where one could breathe fresh air freely. We’re trapped in a room, constantly glued to a screen. Humans are social beings; and although we do get to see the faces of our loved ones, there’s always the physical proximity that’s amiss. Pandemic brain fatigue is a true phenomenon. Isolation from the world, the stress of not being able to see our family, financial difficulties, feeling lonely, etc are some of the many stressors that have been affecting our mental health. It is important that one gets the appropriate counseling from a top neurologist in Patna.

pandemic How pandemic affect our mental health?

According to a report, ‘Pandemic brain: parsing the mental health toll’ author, Brenda Patoine, brings to light how the Covid-19 pandemic has caused innumerable Americans, (and people across the globe) stress, anxiety, distraction, sleep deprivation and depression. This is true, and very predictable, the homes we live in have become a sort of prison. Several people were laid off and businesses, especially the ones on a small scale, were shut down. Among those who lost their jobs, many of them were the sole bread earners of their family; the stress and pressure on such individuals were deterring. Those who were able to retain their jobs, either had to adjust to a whole new online, work from home environment, or go out and survive day-in and day out as the virus continued to fan out. When one examines both of these situations, however different; are stressful and agonizing.

The pandemic has been messing with our brains severely. Some of the covid-19 brain effects are-

Brain fog
Anger, restlessness
Mental health issues
Memory issues
Feeling lonely
Brain fatigue

The pandemic has been highly unfair and biased, and the marginal section of society has been affected the most. The Oxfam report of 2020, correctly pointed out how, the marginal section and the commoners have been affected and while we all may be in the same sea, not all are cruising in the same ship. The pandemic has further widened the gap between the rich and the poor.
Reverse migration was another thing that was seen across the country. Due to the lack of employment, migrants had to travel back to their homes. This again caused a major problem for the people as well as administrators. Travelling such long distances was not at all safe, and managing such a crisis was havoc. According to psychologists and neurologists, the phenomenon of ‘Pandemic brain’ is very real, as almost every other person has felt like they’re ‘losing it.’ It’s as if we’ve been trapped in a perpetual paradox. Many say that the pandemic has given us time to connect to our friends and family, while at the same time, we’re distanced and the crazy, uneven work hours has caused an upheaval in our lives. We’ve been distanced further, and are working twice as much before the outbreak of the virus. Many people experienced a sense of being overwhelmed and flooded by a tide of emotions- be it good or bad.

We saw a surge of mental health awareness across social media platforms, as well as in the media. It is important that one speaks to a neurologist or seeks help from a neurologist online chat.

Change in routine: covid 19 and mental health

With ample time in hand and a break from work, most people started to live a sedentary lifestyle. According to several studies, people spent most of their time on social media platforms, or watching movies and series. There was minimal physical activity and highly irregular sleeping patterns. The diet of most people also changed. While a sedentary life may portray comfort and leisure, in reality, it is tiring and dissatisfactory. One of the major health issues caused by Covid-19 on the brain and heart was caused due to physical inactivity. One should contact a neurologist or seek help from the top 10 neurologists in Delhi, NCR.

The pandemic and students

Pandemic was strenuous not only for the adults but also for the students. There was a major turn of events in their learning patterns. Students had to adapt to the online way of learning. The pandemic caused a brain-drain effect as many students, especially those living in remote areas, and those with a financial crisis did not have accessibility to the online mode of education and missed out on learning. Yet, again to several student’s dismay, several important exams were postponed which added to their burden.

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