The nervous system of the human body is extremely complicated and very efficiently regulates all the activities of your system. Thousands of nerve cells are responsible for carrying out the essential functions of the human body. The branch of medicine called ‘Neurology’ studies the functioning of the nervous system and deals with the disorders of the same. A neurologist is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system and the brain. The best neurologist in Jaipur can assess , manage and treat the conditions of your brain and help you overcome the discomfort you might be facing.

The Best Neurologist In Jaipur & Brain Doctor in Jaipur : Dr Chandril Chugh’s Specialties & Expertise

Dr Chandril Chugh is the best neurologist in Jaipur. His education imparts to him the ability to treat disorders of the spine and brain.

  • His expertise lies in the areas of stroke, haemorrhage, brain tumours, disc disease, etc. 
  • He is also trained in giving neurocritical care which is reserved for patients who are critically ill and have severe neurological disorders. 
  • He treats his patients considering their medical history and then accordingly delivers the needed treatment. 

These practices have enabled him to acquire great expertise over the years, enabling him to become the best mind doctor in Jaipur.

His treatments and profound experience in the field is not just restricted to adults, but also children. Many children are born with neurological disorders. In such a situation it becomes very important to treat them from childhood itself so that the condition is resolved. For this, you can definitely visit Dr Chugh. He is known to treat children with disorders of the brain and spinal cord. With the kind of experience and expertise Dr Chandril Chugh holds, you can be assured that he is a great child neurologist in Jaipur.

Dr Chandril Chugh Specialties Expertise
Where to seek treatment for Neurological Disorders

Where to seek treatment for Neurological Disorders?

With a very less number of trained brain doctors in Jaipur in this field, Dr Chandril Chugh has specialized in it and become the best neurologist in Jaipur. 

  • For treating rare disorders of the brain, his facility also conducts Neurosonology which helps in diagnosing disorders of intracranial and extracranial structures. Such an advanced design of treatment and facility makes him a reliable brain doctor in Jaipur.
  • He makes sure that he analyses the smallest of symptoms and regards them as extremely important. He is famous for offering a very rare form of treatment known as ‘Interventional Neurology’.
  •  If you do not opt for brain surgery, this medical super speciality is one way you can take care of your disorder.

Moreover, he is certified to conduct several complicated procedures like Angioradiology and Endovascular Surgery, Angioplasty and stenting, Tumor embolization, Acute Stroke Thrombectomy, and various other stroke treatments.

Why and when would you need a neurologist?

You need to be aware of your body functions. Your health is key to your well-being and you must take complete care of it. Your nervous system will indicate signs if there are certain injuries to it. 

  • You should know that the very first symptoms of neurological disease are altered taste, fainting, nausea, prickling sensations. You have to pay attention to these small, seemingly unimportant indications it gives you so that you take speedy actions and get the issues treated.  
  • You must look out for constant headaches that can symbolize trauma and sinus infections. If you feel anxious, or recurring pain in the eyes, or even a slight headache, you must know that they can be the start of many underlying conditions. 
  • People also experience seizures. They tend to lose control over their physical body. These can also be extremely painful.

Therefore, if you think you have had these symptoms, you need to address these conditions medically. You cannot afford to ignore them, as they may develop into many other chronic conditions and cause more pain. Immediate action in such situations should be consulting a neurologist in Jaipur through the Online Appointment method.

Why and when would you need a neurologist
Neurologist in India Why Choose Dr Chandril Chugh

Best Neurologist in India: Why Choose Dr Chandril Chugh

Dr. Chandril Chugh’s specialties and expertise in the field of neurology have also been rewarded as  famous neurologist in Patna, Punjab, Gwalior, Jhansi, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Agra, and Himachal Pradesh. He is also a famous mind doctor in Delhi and has a dignified mention in sanctioned journals like ‘THE TIMES OF INDIA’, ‘the pioneer’, ‘FIT’, and ‘The Economic Times’. 

Even if you notice the slightest discomfort which you think might be associated with a disorder in your spine or brain, you must visit Dr Chandril Chugh. He will assure and guarantee the best treatment for you to recover.