👉✍Dr. Chandril Chugh is one of the greatest intellectual genius neurologists rare exist on tis part of the cosmos specially in Patna. I m too much depressed and living life like a hell and experiencing every moment as last moment of my life coz of suspicious TBI CAUSES chronic persistent post traumatic headache frm previous three months made me mentally drained. As a physicists I really know very well dat even MRI OR CT SCANS CAN'T DETECT TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY coz of microscopic structures of neurons. After using beta blockers for persistent chronic headache frm last two weeks prescribed by Dr. CHUGH with least sideeffects apart frm getting ED, I m feeling the same same frequency of headache even today is quite disheartening worst painful experience for me. But still i ve complete trust in Dr. Chugh dat my chronic persistent headache frequency will be reduced soon after few weeks. I hope I will recover soon from this frustrating painful experience of my lifetime of living every moment as a hell is beyond the elaboration of feeling headache everyday frm previous three months. I HOPE I WILL RECOVER SOON UNDER HIM SOON IN UPCOMING DAYS and continue our research in theoretical physics specially superstring theory in upcoming future. At tis moment i completely lost intrest in everything I love to enjoy before TBI. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Prabhat KumarApril 8, 2022
Dr. Chandril Chug is one of the best hands down. My mom faced problems because of her migraine and she started feeling so much better after sir treated her. We are very happy with the treatment and how sir listened to her problem patiently and treated her in the best way!Karman ChawlaFebruary 24, 2022
Simply the best neurologist! helped me so much with my migraine problems. I had tried everything before which failed to work until I consulted Dr. Chandril Chugh. God Bless you!Simone DeshpandeFebruary 23, 2022
Dr chandril sir is a great doctor he is very good in his field and give proper advice and medication which are needed only no unecessary medication He belives in treating his patient with simple lifestyle changes and with less medicines If anyone have any problem related to neuro u can consult with him ur problem will be definitely solvedDeepankar SinghFebruary 11, 2022
I went to Dr Chandril Chugh with my cousin and I must tell how well and humbly, sir has listened to my cousin and assured her that she would be fine soon. And seriously, my cousin has recovered 90% and that too within 15 days of meeting this great doctor. Salute to him. Will recommend everyone this doctor.Shruti AryaDecember 14, 2021
After consulting few times with Dr Chandril, I found he is the best doctor i have ever came across. He is very calm, good listener and patiently give the right and best advise. I would highly recommend him for his honesty, his services and wonderful behaviour.Chirag GambhirOctober 19, 2021
Akash RajSeptember 9, 2021
I had consulted Dr. Chugh for my tension headaches which I was having for the past 8 months. After being wrongly diagnosed by several doctors Dr Chugh came to rescue. I am undergoing his treatment under minimum dosage. The best thing about him is the friendly atmosphere that he creates and works on the root cause of the problem and not on the symptoms. He does not advice painkillers to subside pain, but instead focuses on eliminating the problem forever. A great doctor indeed!Prateek JainJuly 21, 2021
Dr Chandraneil Chugh is not only a fabulous doctor but an extremely compassionate person. When my mother had a stroke and was in the hospital, the kind and empathetic way he handled the situation is admirable. His medical capabilities are amongst the best. Thank you doc.sucharu mehtaJuly 19, 2021
Dr Chandril Chugh is Incredible! He is lovely to speak with at every appointment. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches. He takes time with their patients to help them with their health issues and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a migraine.Manik JainJuly 17, 2021
Dr. Chandril Chugh is awesome. Am suffering from anxiety and headache . He take time to listen my problem and explained everything to me in a very clear manner. He is good at building trust with patient. Am very grateful for Dr. Chandril and recommended him to anyone. 🙏😊Rini PatelJuly 12, 2021
Seriously the Best neurologist currently in Delhi. My treatment was earlier going on with NIMHANS but afterwards one of my friend suggested his name and it turned out to be better than all. Point by point analysis of my situation and recommended everything according to it. Very happy by the service.Ankit RajMay 5, 2021
I would highly recommend Dr. Chug. He has cured my chronic pain with minimum medication after a single visit!Sadhna AggarwalApril 14, 2021
I had consulted Dr. Chandril Chugh, Neurologist/Neurosurgeon on 12/4/2021. I was really surprised to see his patience and calm maintained. He listened my problem very attentively and responded in a good way, easy to understand. Thanks for his analysis and diagnosis of my illness. He is an extraordinary human being. To find such a caring and friendly doctor is rare nowadays. Blessed to have such a wonderful doctor, wo has relieved me and my family from a very big tension. I thank him from the core of my heart and highly recommend him.Ramesh ChoudhryApril 13, 2021
shatakshi tiwaryMarch 11, 2021
Dr Chandril is a doctor par excellence. He is humane and filled with compassion. In his first interaction itself he will share loads of positivity. In the following meetings he will keep sprinkling showers of more positive vibes. He has a way of making his patients trust him and feel comfortable. I thank the Lord for sending him as His angel in my hour of trouble. My gratitude and thanks to you doctor for your treatment and concern. Look forward to seeking your advice in future too. Just close your eyes and have faith in him, the kind of faith you have in God!!savita dattaJanuary 26, 2021
I am a migraine patient since last 10 years and tried several doctors but nothing really worked. But this time when I consulted Dr Chandril I felt a lot of positivity around him, he has a different approach towards treating migraine and by god's grace I am doing really well only within a span of 2months that too with the mildest doses of medicines, and also I am able to manage my trigger without taking pain killers. I am feeling lucky to have a Dr like him who can manage my headaches so well. I hope to get recovered under his guidance. God bless him.pradeep solankiJanuary 18, 2021
Dr Chandril Chugh is great doctor. He patiently listens all the problems, queries of a patient and then respond in a good way. 70 % relief I can seen in my headace. God bless you 🙏🏻Deepika DwivediJanuary 6, 2021
A very good and kind doctor who also understands the compulsion of the patient and gives good and cheap treatment. Best Neurologist, heart kind, good behaviour, such a nice person.shadab alamDecember 15, 2020
Dr chandril Chugh is a wonderful, caring doctor who is always friendly and comforting to his patients. Keep smiling and keep doing what you do so well. you truly make a difference in the medical field. I still remember when I came to you almost a year back with my lovely wife because she was in very much pain in her head but you really took a great care of her and now she is perfectly fine after that I sent my sister in law because she was suffering from migraine after taking the medical treatment of yours she is also doing well and now my mother-in-law is under treatment of yours and she is also recovering well. I really can't thank you enough for the special excellent care you have provided to my family. I am blessed that you are my doctor I have great confidence in you and your abilities.MOHAMMAD MURSALEEN SIDDIQUIDecember 6, 2020
One of the fine doctors I have come across , he gives lot of time to his patients and diagnosis is very good. He explains the how ,why and is very upto date with new medicines. Am very happy I have found him.Pooja GuptaNovember 22, 2020
Best neurologist in cityujjwal puriNovember 19, 2020
I went to doctor for my mother. She was having severe headache, a pain that she cant bear. Its been two months now and my mom got 80-90% relief in her symptoms. I believe Dr Chandril is among few best doctors I have seen in delhi. He patiently listens all the problems, queries of a patient and then respond in a most relative way. He gives you a confidence on how to deal with your symptoms and never hides on medicine part. He prescribes salt of medicines, so that one can buy whichever brand he prefers. He is a very professional, talented and generous doctor ever seen. I am happy that he cured my mother within two months.Deepa AsthanaNovember 11, 2020
Very good doctor and he gave the patient very good advicePinkesh SarohaNovember 10, 2020
He is one of the best neurologist. He is down to earth and very humble. He listens to both patient and their Family with patience. I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for successfully operating on my mother. I wish him well and all the best for the future.Kuldeep VashistNovember 10, 2020
Dr. Chandril Chugh - Best Neurologist I'm very satisfied for yours faithfully service to provide me .. I great honor to share my opinion to you ..You provide best quality service and experience as like a family treat ..GANESH KUMAROctober 23, 2020
My mother was suffering from migraine past 10-12 years .Dr Chugh recommended her to bear pain without taking pain relief tablets. The medicines he prescribed proved wonder. Now my mother feels better and she hasn't taken any pain reliever since thenAnand SahuOctober 20, 2020
I am beyond impressed with Dr. Chandril Chugh for his handling of my dad's case. While other doctors very easily told me that he is slipping into depression, Dr Chugh was very patient in hearing him out. With almost no medication to start with he has treated my dad by just tinkering with his diet and eating habits. Bringing him to Max ( Saket) from Bihar was almost the last option for me esp during these difficult times but i think it has been one of the best decision. The visit to the hospital and the video consultation was both very smooth. Really appreciate the professionalism and care of all involved. Thankyou Dr. and would highly recommend him to all.Gunjan RaniOctober 19, 2020
My experience with dr.chandril Chugh went really good..he is so positive and has a soothing behaviour towards his patients. Indeed, the most treasured of the Doctors I have been privileged to meet.He really listened my problems and my migrane pain is actually way better than expected.He is a gem of a person too and I highly recommend him .Debika SarkarOctober 19, 2020
Doctor chandril chugh is so gentle and nice person. And of course he does a good job and so professional. Best doctor for migraine problem...Listen to the problem carefully and gives the best solution in friendly way...i feel better then before..he is the best doctor ever....I'm very thankful to him...Tannu SejwalOctober 3, 2020
mukul sinhaSeptember 23, 2020
Hello everyone, it's great moment for me to write about dr chugh. He is one of the exceptionally talented and best dr in the field of neurology. My mom suffered a stroke and i was very nervous and stressed To find a right dr for the treatment. I visited multiple dr in 3 to 4 days and funally reached to dr chughwho without doing any delay, quickly recognized the problem and started treatment. He oprated e hours long surgery and it was very successful.he is one of thr rare dr who also support morallyand psychologically to the patient's family member which is really needed in tough times. Whenever i met him during treatment, i always get believe that i am at right place with right dr. He is best human being and best dr. This note is not enough to thank him. I am so obliged and gratful for finding such an amazing doctor. From bottom of my heaet a big thanks you wish you all the very best and may god bless you and your family. Services are exceptional for human kind. Again a big thank you. Regards, Shyamshyam SoniSeptember 4, 2020
Best doctor for stroke.. Listen to the problem carefully n gives the best solutionAnil GoelaSeptember 3, 2020
Dr Chugh is one of the best doctor i have met so far.I suffered a stroke and was treated by Dr chugh .There are very few doctors who treat their patients as friend and listen to their problems patiently and advice the best possible treatment. And best thing about Dr Chugh is that he is available for his patients whenever required .would easily say he is one of the best neurologist available .Rohit AroraSeptember 1, 2020
Professionally, exceptionally competent on one hand and innately humane on the other. Overall, you are an exceptional human being! Thanks you sir for helping me, treating my father like your own family. No words to express what you really are. Thanks again।।Paras SengarAugust 29, 2020
E2: Exclusive EducationAugust 24, 2020
Indeed, the most treasured of the Doctors I have been privileged to meet. Dr. Chugh treated my mother as if she was a family member during all her meetings with him, before Surgery, and after. The surgery was undoubtedly successful, and the results were as described. If he weren't specialized, I'd see him for everything!”yashvardhan khazanchiJune 24, 2020
Dr Chugh is a very fine doctor . He treats his patients like his own family. He always simplify things and explain it to the patients in a very friendly way. He keeps a check on his patients even after getting discharged . He also does counsellling and always available for his patients. His presence and conversation with patient generates a positive energy and helps them to recover soon . He treated me and gave me a second life .and now I’m doing fine and back to my normal routine life .. not only normal but I feel better than before ... I’m very much thankful to him .. he is not less than god to me and my family .Smita ek nayi shuruaatJune 22, 2020
So blessed and lucky to get the care and assistance from such an erudite Doctor like Mr. Chandril Chugh, who even in these hysteric times of COVID-19 pandemic, while being au courant with things happening around, composed himself in absolute calm and clarity for the treatment of such complex and rare case procedures like ours and could reflect his knowledge and skills in sole lucidity of the moments in which we most needed the quick medical attention. Much Regard... Rakesh SisaudiaRakesh SisaudiaJune 2, 2020
Thank you sir We just lost our hopes Thanks alot God bless youNazir AhmedMarch 19, 2020
Madhusudan JhaMarch 17, 2020
Neither do I have words, nor are there adequate words which could appropriately express the gratitude that my entire family has for him. It is extremely rare to find the combination of great technical expertise and humility in a person, and he is one such person who has that!Professionally, exceptionally competent on one hand and innately humane on the other. Overall, he’s an exceptional human being! His work and attitude has inspired my entire family, and my son wishes that if he becomes a doctor, to be like him someday, saving countless lives!Thank you doctor for all your time, and it is your great work which is healing me. My entire family will always remain indebted to you.SiddharthSiddharth KaseraMarch 16, 2020
I had undertaken the DSA procedure which was done by Dr Chandril Chugh and his team. It was conducted with extreme precision and care. I am grateful for the constant assurance that was given to me to ease my discomfort and tension.Urna DuttaMarch 16, 2020
Charanbir BhasinMarch 3, 2020
Our experience with Dr. Chugh was excellent to say the least. He’s extremely knowledgable, articulate, humble and gave us a lot of comfort while explaining the medical condition and the next course of action. He’s been with us throughout, each step of the diagnosis, treatment , surgery and post surgery care. Our family is extremely grateful to him and we would unequivocally endorse & recommend him to anyone seeking out a Neurologist.Thank you doctor and God bless!Divyyang PandeyaFebruary 15, 2020
Dr.Cough is a knowledgable and very humane specialIst who gave me the extra attention to help me with my recovery after a stroke.His explanations of my diagnosis and recovery process were very clear.Madhavan PillaIMadhavan PillaiFebruary 10, 2020
Vikas JainFebruary 7, 2020
Dr.Chandril Chugh is an asset to Max hospital, Saket, Delhi,He is not only a fine doctor but a noble person with magnetic personality too. He is full of joy lots of positivity very enthusiastic  and kind hearted like our family member...! We are from Bhopal M.P. & went there for our son’s treatment.He is among the best doctors we have met at Max. Extremely caring, courteous, warm and simple by nature. Always ready to help you as and when required. He listens the problem carefully then explain each & everything in detail which make us feel relaxed.We are very grateful to Dr.Chug for giving us  positive waves when we were needing it the most. Any one can completely rely upon him.My heartfelt thanks to the wonderful doctor for all the support, care & guidance given by him.The best thing about him is that he is approachable, he quickly respond even on phone after our discharge from the hospital.Thank you very much Sir, God Bless you and your family...!Ajay VyasJanuary 8, 2020