How To Support Aging Parents Who Are Living Away From You?

Our children grow up as we reach our 50s, and our energies, fears, and attention shift to our elderly parents—if we’re fortunate enough to still have them with us. The bright, involved, and decisive individuals we knew as Mom and Dad have recently become more uncertain about making decisions, less physically competent, and more dependent on us as they have progressed into their 70s and 80s. We are all growing old, and it is important that we each set a good example for our children. Whether our parents live in our home or on their own, in an assisted living community or a nursing home, we should be able to make time for them, especially if they are far away. This is doable if we deliberately and mindfully schedule time for them every day. Call them regularly, visit whenever possible, take care of their health and make them feel cherished. Shouldn’t be too hard to do if we remember how they did the same for us when we were younger or imagine how we would like to be treated by our children as we grow older. As much as a give and take parenting is, you must remember that at one point in time, and probably still, you are the centre of their world and the only person they can actually fall back on. Caring for aging parents from a distance can be difficult but not entirely impossible.

Make Time For Them And Try To Simplify Their Lives

If you have the same question as many Indians do living abroad, which is  “How can I help my elderly parents from afar?”, you might benefit from these points. Aside from handling their finances or other mundane topics you usually talk about, discuss something with them that makes them feel important and actually give them quality time. Being away from them already gives you so little time together, so whatever you get, make it count. Talk to them about things that they actually enjoy, common things you can have a laugh about, like stories of their youth or your childhood. Don’t be scared of getting embarrassed, they are your parents after all! Many Indians leave for the land beyond the seas for a higher education and ultimately settle there with a tempting job. Throughout this entire struggling period of your life, your parents are the ones who selflessly make sacrifices for you, without you even realising it. So now that they are in a vulnerable place in their life, the least you can do is acknowledge their efforts and give them back as much as you can. Staying far away can make it difficult to provide long distance care giving but you can make it possible if you make up your mind.

Take Care Of Their Health And Seek Help From Professionals

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Along with visible changes of old age like grey hair, wrinkles and joint problems, the brain and central nervous system go through the aging process too. This is one reason people are more likely to suffer from a neurological problem after the age of 65. Some of the most common neurological disorders that affect senior citizens include strokes, neuropathy, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Chances are, you know someone who has dealt with one of these medical problems because they are so widespread. Either now or later, your parents might require a check up from a neurologist, which is highly recommended for elderly care in India. Dr Chugh is the best brain doctor in India and carries 16 years of experience treating problems related to the brain and spine. He can be consulted for treating conditions such as epilepsy, seizures, aneurysms, stroke, haemorrhage, headaches, tremors, brain injuries, and dementia. You can also consult him for other problems such as neck and backaches, that are more than common in the elderly. So if you are wondering how to take care of old parents in India from the USA, you need not look further because health is not something to compromise on. Get help from the best healthcare expert when it comes to neurological problems.


1.        What is long-distance caregiving?

Long distance senior care giving can take many forms—from helping with money management and arranging for in-home care to providing respite care for a primary caregiver and planning for emergencies. It means thinking about all possible inconveniences and making life easier for them.

2.        How to take care of your parents when you are abroad?

One thing you can do for helping aging parents from afar is look after their finances, loans and everyday needs. You also need to take care of their health, which is tricky to do since you are living abroad. But you can get help from the best neurologists and consultants to ensure a comfortable and happy old age for your parents and prevent any unexpected health conditions.

3.        How can this help your parents to get over sudden health risks?

It is best to consult a neurologist as soon as you start seeing symptoms of neurological disease like prolonged headaches, dizziness, seizures, tremors, movement problems, memory problems/confusions, sleep disorders, or vision problems. That is because these seemingly simple symptoms can lead to an underlying chronic disease like Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Caring for elderly parents from afar means always be prepared for the unexpected and take precautions wherever you can.

Reviews From Our Patients:

Living in India with my son living abroad is extremely difficult. Although he tries to come to meet us at least twice a year, it’s just not possible sometimes due to work and other problems. But he has taken good care of us even from afar. My wife has been dealing with some back pain and sleep disorders so we have contacted neurologist Dr Chandril Chugh, who is working wonders for us. To find such a caring and a friendly doctor is rare nowadaysAsis Jha

Dr Chugh’s Take On Long Distance Caregiving

Living in the west gives us a whole lot of benefits and improved quality of life, however there is a continuous worry about the health of the family and loved ones. We wish if we could get in touch with a well-qualified physician who can help our folks in the time of need. Finding a qualified and empathetic doctor in India is not easy. One can rely on the word of mouth and online search but there is always an unsettling feeling of not being able to do enough.

Having spent more than a decade in the USA I understand the apprehensions regarding the quality of care available. I can ensure best quality evidence-based medicine as per the American standards. I have been actively engaged in taking care of NRI families all over the world as well as foreigners staying in India. My practice has grown as more and more NRI families have trusted me with their care and I feel fortunate to be a part of their lives.

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