Spinal Cord Injury: Complications & Treatment

The spinal cord that forms a part of the central nervous system; is a column of nerve tissue that extends from the base of the skeleton to the center of the back. The spinal cord forms a pathway for messages sent by the brain to the body. Alongside the brain, it helps in carrying out motor, sensory and autonomic functions. Thus, any damage caused to the spinal cord can lead to some serious dysfunction in the body. 

The spinal cord is an important and very sensitive part of the human body. It is prone to injury, and unlike other parts of the human body, it does not have the ability to repair itself. Thus, damage to the spinal cord can lead to permanent harm to movement, sensation, and other body functions below the site of injury. Some of the best neurologists in Gwalior or neurologist in Agra can help in treating spinal cord injury. 

Causes Of Injury 

Spinal cord injuries (SCI) may occur as a result of external trauma, loss of blood, or non-traumatic spinal cord injuries. Some of the causes are listed below: 

Symptoms of Spinal cord Injury

The symptoms of spinal cord injury may depend from person to person. Some of the common symptoms of SCI are listed below. Although they may not necessarily mean a spinal cord injury, it is better to seek medical attention. 

  •  Extreme pain felt in the head, neck, or the back region 
  • Weakness in the limbs or difficulty walking 
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control 
  • Trouble while breathing 
  • Trouble in balancing and coordination 
  • Numbness or tingling sensation in hands, fingers, feet, or toes 
  • An oddly twisted neck or back 

It is recommended that people with a backbone injury should restrain themselves from lifting heavy objects or moving them. One should consider seeking immediate medical care from the famous neurologist in Patna or from the famous neurologist in Gwalior 

Some of the long term signs and symptoms of SCI are – 

  • Loss of movement 
  • Alterations in senses, such as loss of touch, inability to feel hold, cold, etc 
  • Loss of bladder and bowel control 
  • Severe, throbbing pain at the back (this is felt due to the nerve fibers in the spinal cord)
  • Abnormal or exaggerated reflex activities
  • muscle spasms 
  • Changes in sexual function, sexual sensitivity
  • Infertility 
  • Difficulty while breathing or coughing 

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Spinal cord Injury types

There are several types of spinal cord injuries. The type of injury is based on the spinal cord injury symptoms. Usually, the injuries are categorized into two types- complete and incomplete injuries. The severity of the injury is called ‘completeness’. 

  • Complete 
  • Incomplete 

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There are several changes and complications that can take place after the spinal cord is injured. It is necessary that one seeks quick medical care to prevent any further losses. Some of the complications are – 

  • Bladder and Bowel control – Although your kidneys, stomach, and intestines may continue to function as earlier, your brain will have no control over your bowels or bladder. This is because the message carrier, your spinal cord is affected. 
  • Muscle spasms- Uncontrolled muscle movements and spasticity, due to contracting of the muscles
  • Respiratory issues – Injuries on the upper part of the spinal cord can affect your breathing. Cervical or thoracic spinal cord injury increases the risk of lung problems such as pneumonia etc. 
  • Mental health conditions – Some spinal cord injuries may lead to permanent loss of function, or even, spinal cord injury disability.  Coping with the changes taking place and the trauma of the accident may lead to a decline in mental health. 
  • Infertility – Men may face issues in erection or ejaculation, whereas women may notice changes in lubrication. Getting pregnant can also be difficult for women. 

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Spinal cord Injury pain – Treatment 

Although there are no treatments available for reversing the damage caused to the spinal cord, researchers are constantly working on different ways to cure the injury. However, at present, the treatment for spinal cord injury focuses on the rehabilitation of the person to their daily life and preventing any further damage. 

The recovery time of spinal cord injury depends on the type and severity of the injury. Surgery is the norm for treating spinal cord injuries. It helps in preventing any further damage. Spinal cord injuries in the upper neck can cause some serious problems, hence it is necessary that one checks the heartbeats and breathing of that person, immediately after the injury takes place. Wounds at the lower end of the spinal cord may lead to loss of bowel and bladder control, loss of sexual function, weakness, and loss of muscle function, etc. 

X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs help in Spinal cord injury diagnosis as well as aid in knowing the exact location of the wound. Occupational therapy, physical training therapy, and rehabilitation are recommended in most cases. This helps the patient in maintaining their physical strength and mobility, as well as preventing them from any long-term effects. One of the best neurologists in Saket can help in providing the best treatment for spinal cord injuries. You may also seek medical care and an appropriate spinal cord injury diet from the best neurologist in South Delhi, Dr. Chandril Chugh. You can also find him as a neurologist in Punjab, the best neurologist in Faridabad or brain specialist doctor in Faridabad, a top neurologist in Jaipur or neurologist doctor in Jaipur, the best neurologist in Saket, best neurologist in South delhi, neurologist in Agra, mind doctor in Delhi, top neuro physician in Patna and a top neurologist in Gwalior or neurologist doctor in Gwalior. He is also amongst the top 5 neurologist in Patna. You can also go for neurologist online chat or online neurologist consultation.