How To Help Someone With Covid From Afar?

The world has gone through a lot in the past year. The outbreak of the virus, followed by a lockdown across the world, was something no one had fathomed. The pandemic has changed the course of our life. Everyone lost something or someone in the wake of this virus. Despite all the measures taken, several lost their close ones. Being confined to a room away from our friends and family, being quarantined, and battling against the virus has severely impacted people.  We are battling against the virus and dealing with anxiety, stress, and the constant fear of contracting the virus. Thus helping someone with covid anxiety can be difficult. Although you can’t physically come in contact and help them, there are a few ways you can still reach out. 

  • Make a call 

The first step you can do in helping someone with covid symptoms is calling them up and checking how they are doing. Get to know more about their health and what condition they’re going through. A phone call once a day or even a text about their health and mood goes a long way. Listening to your voice can cheer them up. A step further can be a video call. Through video call, you can see them and be virtually close to them. Ensure that they are eating properly, taking care of their health, getting the right nutrients and nourishment, to recover from covid. Another important detail that you should look out for is their mood and the way they talk. Take note if they constantly feel low or show depressive behaviour. It is likely that they feel anxious and get negative thoughts. In such cases, have them contact a neurologist or mind doctor in Agra.

  • Hear them out

As mentioned earlier, it is possible that the person feels depressive, or has negative thoughts clogging their mind. They may be going through a wave of negative emotions. Being quarantined and isolated from the outside world can lead to a range of negative feelings such as anger, frustration, anxiety, stress. It can get as worse as having a panic attack or going into depression. Thus, a key step while helping someone with covid depression is talking to the person and listening to their problems. Ask them to share their feelings, create a safe space for them where they can talk, without the fear of being judged. Sometimes ranting out can be a great way of getting rid of the unnecessary emotional baggage you have. If the person is not comfortable sharing or talking with you, you can help them by suggesting the best neurologist in Faridabad, or the top neuro physician in Patna. You can also sign them up for a neurologist online chat for free. 

  • Connect with them, virtually 

If something has helped us go through this phase of lockdown, it has been social media and the virtual world. Video calling, virtual dates, online multiplayer games and collective group watching options have paved a way to keep you close to your loved ones. As the world has switched to the online mode, you should take advantage of the vast arena of options available to you. You can set up online dates, such as watching a movie together or attending shows virtually, suggest books or even play games together! The budding virtual presence has been helping covid patients in India and across the globe come together and go through these tough times. Another way of helping covid victims in India is by getting them checked by the top 10 neurologists in Delhi NCR for their mental well being. 

  1. Drop off groceries and medicines 

Along with games and virtual fun, you must take care of the health and nutrition of your loved ones. A person recuperating from coronavirus or still battling with it, may not have the time or energy to buy groceries or cook meals every day. At times as such, you can step up and drop off home-cooked meals or order food for them. For those helping ageing parents from afar, preparing home-cooked meals for them and dropping them off is the best way you can ensure that they get their nutrients. It is better that you buy food items that are non-perishable and can last for days. Apart from diet, see that person battling with covid, gets their medicines on time. You can preorder these medicine easily. Several delivery services have been helping the covid situation in India by providing quick, safe and secure delivery. You can also set up appointments with the top 5 neurologists in Patna to ensure the mental health of the patients. 

  • Arrange a teleconsultation  

Several Covid-19 patients have had the symptoms of brain fog. Although brain fog isn’t a medical diagnosis. Generally, brain fog can be described as the feeling of being fuzzy or spaced out. A great way of helping covid brain fog is to speak to a neurologist. One can seek treatment from the top neurologist in Gwalior. The virus has not only deteriorated our physical health but also our mental health has been severely affected. People are dealing with anxiety, dealing with double the stress, and are under constant fear. Many who were the victims of the virus were the sole bread earners of their families. Living under so much pressure and stress can be taxing. In such cases, teleconsulting a mind doctor in Delhi or having a neurologist online chat can be very helpful.

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