PTSD And Intimate Relationships – Problems and Solutions

PTSD is one of the severe mental disorders that has a debilitating effect on you and the people around you. People don’t understand how to avoid PTSD after trauma hence the trauma from PTSD takes a toll on every aspect of your life. It becomes challenging to carry out the basic functions in life. Apart from this, PTSD comes with the added baggage of guilt, anger, frustration, and symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks, negative thoughts, etc. Dealing with such symptoms can be overwhelming for the individual. 

It can be difficult to see someone you love struggle with PTSD, especially when you’re unable to help. When it comes to PTSD trauma response, the person is in a state of shock and his relationship with others is at stake. 

What impact does PTSD have on intimate relationships? 

PTSD is bound to cause strains in your relationship. Here’s how PTSD affects a relationship. Some of the common problems faced by people are – 

  • Detached from other

It is quite natural for the person suffering from PTSD trauma symptoms to feel detached from others. Patient s the relationship should try PTSD trauma therapy, and they may withdraw themselves from engaging in a conversation or the normal things they did before the traumatic event. They may distance themselves from the activities at the house and isolate themselves in the room. Among couples, the person suffering from PTSD may experience a lack of interest in sexual activity and be in a state of shock or numbness. The family members, friends, or partners on the other hand may feel alienated and hurt by such behaviour. It may also result in them leaving you. 

  • Moodiness 

Being hyper-aroused can interfere with your sleeping patterns and your mood. They may feel irritable, anxious, sad, frustrated and a dozen of other negative emotions. It is possible that people with PTSD feel neglected and cynic due to PTSD relationship trauma. Opening up or having a conversation can be a challenging task for them. They may feel annoyed if you try to help them. Consciously or unconsciously they may try to avoid companionship. Feelings of distrust, insecurity creep in and create a further strain in the relations. On the other hand, significant others may experience helplessness, guilt, tension and pressure. The inability to help your loved one can be very disturbing and inflict emotional and mental pain. 

  • Inability to be vulnerable

One of the insidious effects of PTSD is the feeling of powerlessness and not being able to control your life. PTSD is accompanied by flashbacks, nightmares, and intrusive thoughts which can be triggered anywhere, anytime. A simple reminder of the traumatic event and one of the above symptoms can easily be triggered. This leaves the person helpless and weak. Hence, being vulnerable puts them in a position of being weaker. Hence they avoid talking about the trauma, their experience, or what’s happening to them. Opening up can be menacing. 

  • Lack of communication

Talking can be very consuming and difficult for trauma survivors. Especially in the start few days, where they’re in the impact stage and still in shock. Generally, the immediate reaction to trauma can be isolating oneself and suppressing all the feelings. However, communication is essential for enhancing the symptoms and getting back to normal. Through communication, many problems can be solved and misunderstandings can be avoided. 

PTSD trauma treatment

Some solutions to deal with PTSD and relationships. However difficult it may seem for the person to recover from PTSD it is important that they never lose hope or fall back to being demotivated. Through proper care and support, one can cope with PTSD. Here are a few tips that can be used to overcome problems in relationships. 

Tips To Help People Suffering From PTSD – For Self Care

  • Establish proper communication

for a healthy relationship, communication is very important. Even if you feel that you’re not ready to open or need more space, clear it out with your family members. Misunderstanding can create a strain in your relationship and have an adverse effect on your mental health. In order to avoid misunderstandings, communication is the key. Conversing with your loved ones will also help you vent out your bottled feelings. 

  • Self-care

Self-care is the key to a successful recovery. Only by loving yourself, you will be able to spread the love around you. Pamper yourself with everything you love. Self-care means prioritizing your needs before others and caring for your mental, physical and spiritual health. Meditation, exercise, yoga, healthy food, etc. help in enhancing your health. 

  • Find the courage to cope up

In the end, what is important is recovering from the disorder. If you don’t want PTSD relationship issues, find the courage to recover. Proper treatment for PTSD, such as neurological care and therapy will help you find a way through your struggles. 

Tips To Help People Suffering From PTSD – For Family, Friends, and Partners

  • Make them comfortable

Acknowledge the ordeal faced by the person with trauma and not making a hue and cry in front of them. At times, showing extra care makes them feel weak. The cue is to act normal and does normal things in front of them. 

  • Give them space

Forcing your loved ones to talk or showering them with extra care, will only make them go away and isolate themselves. Give them their space, and don’t intrude much. Let them take as much time as they wish

  • Love and support them

Always love and support them. Support their choices, however, if they seem to divert or resort to bad activities such as intake of stimulants, correct them. Be gentle and calm. With the love and support of loved ones, healing can be made easier.

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