Today, we will talk about something many of us have heard about or experienced – migraines. It is one of the most common types of headaches in India. It is responsible for the highest use of pain medications. Migraines are a type of headache that can cause much discomfort. They are pretty standard, but there are many questions people often have about them. So, let’s answer some of these questions.

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Is There a Risk Associated with Migraines? Are migraine headaches dangerous?

Migraines are usually not dangerous. They are intense headaches that can make you feel terrible, but they are not generally harmful to your health. However, suppose you have a terrible headache that feels different than usual or new problems like trouble seeing or moving. In that case, it’s essential to see a doctor.
Migraine with aura, though, has been associated with an increased risk of paralytic attack or stroke.

2. Can Migraine headaches be Completely healed? Is Migraine Curable?

Cure means no pain, no meds, and no doctors. Migraine headaches can be cured with lifestyle modifications and judicious use of medicines. No approach can completely cure migraines, but combining them can work wonders.

3. Do Migraines Pass Down in Families or Are Migraine Headaches Hereditary?

Yes, migraines can run in families. You might get them if your parents or siblings get migraines, too. But it’s not sure – just a possibility.

4. Are the Visual Disturbances Before a Migraine (Auras) a Cause for Concern? Are Auras Dangerous?

Migraine auras are sensations like seeing light flashes or tingling before a migraine starts. These are usually not dangerous, but they can be a bit scary. If you begin having auras or your auras change, it’s a good idea to talk to a doctor. In a small number of cases, migraine auras have been associated with stroke or paralytic attack.

5. Do Migraines Last Forever? Is Migraine Permanent?

Migraines are not permanent. They come and go. Some people get migraines many times, while others only have them once in a while.

6. Are The Migraine Headaches Common?

Yes, migraines are quite common. Many people in India and around the world get migraines. It’s nothing unusual or rare.

7. Do People Experience More Migraines During the Winter Season? Are Migraine Headaches More Common In Winter?

Migraine clusters are common in the fall and spring, when clocks are adjusted for daylight saving time. They’re also common in January and February when the days are short, and in July and August, when they’re long.

9. Are Migraines Painful?

Yes, migraines can be pretty painful. They’re not just a regular headache – they can be much more substantial. They can also cause problems like feeling sick or being sensitive to light.

10. Is There a Link Between Migraines and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)? Migraine With PCOS?

PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, can affect many things in a woman’s body, and it may increase the chances of getting migraines. But this doesn’t mean everyone with PCOS will have migraines.

11. Is It Normal to Have Migraines? Are Migraines Normal?

While migraines are common, if you start getting them a lot or they are terrible, it’s essential to talk to a doctor. They can help ensure everything is okay and advise you on how to feel better.

12. Are Migraines a Psychological Issue? Are Migraines Psychological?

Don’t let anyone blame you for having migraines. They are very accurate and not something that you can make up. Migraines are a physical condition, not just something in your mind. Stress and emotions can sometimes trigger migraines, but migraines are an actual medical condition.

13. Is There Any Risk in Taking Medication for Migraines? Are Migraine Tablets Dangerous?

Most migraine tablets prescribed by doctors are safe if used as directed. However, taking too much medication or using it the wrong way can be harmful. Always follow your doctor’s advice on how to use them.

14. Can Migraines Cause Long-Term Harm? Are Migraines Harmful?

Migraines themselves are not harmful in the long term. They
are painful and can disrupt your day, but they don’t usually cause lasting harm.

15. Are Migraines Caused By Stress?

Stress can be a trigger for migraines in some people. It’s not the only cause, but for many, stress can make migraines more likely to happen. It’s essential to find ways to relax and manage stress.

16. Can a Migraine Last a Whole Week?

Yes, sometimes a migraine can last for a whole week. It’s like having a nasty headache that doesn’t want to disappear quickly.

17. Could a Migraine Last Many Days?

Yes, a migraine can last for a few days. It’s like your head is hurting longer than just a day.

18. Can a Migraine Make You Feel Sick?

Yes, when you have a migraine, you might feel sick in your tummy, like you don’t want to eat anything.

19. Can You Start Getting Migraines When You’re Older?

Yes, even grown-ups who have never had migraines before can start getting them. It’s not just something kids or young people get.
Can There Be a Migraine Without Pain? Sometimes, you can have a migraine, but your head doesn’t hurt. You might see bright lights or feel dizzy, but no pain.

20. Can We Completely Cure Migraines?

Yes, but only meds won’t work; lifestyle changes must be incorporated.

21. What Can Cause a Migraine to Happen?

Lots of things can cause migraines, like being in the sun too long, not eating on time, or being very stressed.

22. Do Migraines Make You Dizzy?

Yes, sometimes when you have a migraine, you might feel dizzy, like everything is spinning around you.

23. Can a migraine give you a fever?

Usually, migraines don’t cause an uproar. But if you feel hot and have a headache, it’s good to tell an adult.

24. Can a Migraine Be So Bad That Someone Could Die?

No, a migraine itself can’t make someone die. It hurts a lot, but it’s not like a severe disease that can make you very, very sick.
Can You Feel Dizzy from a Migraine Without the Headache? Yes, sometimes you can feel dizzy or see strange lights without your head hurting. That’s still part of the MigraineMigraine.

25. Is There a Link Between Migraines and Seizures?

Migraines and seizures are different things. Some people might have both, but having migraines doesn’t mean you will have seizures.

26. Do Migraines Cause Diarrhea?

Sometimes, along with a headache, a migraine can make your tummy upset and cause diarrhea. It’s one of the ways your body reacts to the migraine.

27. Can Migraines Make Your Blood Pressure Go Up?

Migraines don’t change your blood pressure much. If someone’s blood pressure is high, it’s usually due to something else.

28. Do Migraines Make You Vomit?

Yes, when you have a terrible migraine, you might feel like throwing up. It’s because your body is reacting to the pain in your head.


Migraines can be tricky, but understanding them better can help. Remember, if you’re having a lot of pain or problems with migraines, it’s always a good idea to talk to a doctor. They can help find the best way to make you feel better. And don’t worry, you’re not alone – many people understand what you’re going through