Human Brain, the most complex structure of the human body, starts developing in the mother’s womb itself. It is responsible for carrying out almost all functions of the body. Thus, it is important that the brain is active and no harm is caused to it.

Doctors often suggest brain exercises to patients, to help them steer free from neurological disorders. A simple exercise like reading a book for 30 minutes, can help in improving concentration level.  One needs to train their brain and monitor it, to boost their brainpower. An online neurologist consultation can help answer your brain exercise questions. A study also proves that regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory and your thinking skills too. 

Age is an important factor in determining the type of exercise one needs. The brain exercises change as per the level of different potentials of an individual. 

Following are some exercises divided as per age factor.

Brain exercises for kids

  1. Double Doodling Brain Exercises

It’s a bilateral drawing exercise where children have to draw two images with their hands. It helps in improving skills like writing, spelling accuracy, and symbol recognition. Get to know more of the variations in these exercises from the top best neurologist in Jaipur.

  1. Lazy Eight’s Brain Exercises

Here the child draws the number eight on paper or in the air using their hands. It improves eyesight and opens the creative side of the child.

  1. Earth Buttons Brain Exercises 

Let your child sit or stand in a comfortable place. Now, tell them to put their right hand on the lips and the left one on the naval. Ahead let the children rotate both hands in a circular motion. It enhances mental alertness and improves whole-body orientation. Other than exercises if any symptoms or neurological problem is found, an expert brain doctor in Patna.

Brain exercises for Adult

  1. Jigsaw Puzzles Brain Exercises

Solving jigsaw puzzles assists one in multiple cognitive abilities. They are one protective factor for visuospatial cognitive ageing. Finding pieces and completing a whole picture helps to exercise your brain

  1. Cards Games Brain Exercises

A study in 2015 has found that card games lead to greater brain volume in different regions of the brain. The game requires memory and thinking skills, so the brain formulates these skills while playing.

  1. Dancing Brain Exercises

Dancing is a great way to enhance brain functioning and memory. Remembering new steps enables your brain to improve brain’s processing speed and memory.

  1. Building Vocabulary Brain Exercises

The brain gets involved when it comes to developing a strong vocabulary. Especially the areas that are important for visual and auditory procedures. It’s one of the great brain exercises for memory. 

How to do this exercise- Read a book and note down a new word and learn its definition or meaning. Use the same word five times the next day. 

All the exercise helps in developing your brain and making improvements in your body’s neurological movements too. Even some patients who are recovering from a stroke can do certain exercises to improve the stroke recovery process. Some habits restore several cognitive abilities and improve their quality of life. 

Here are some brain exercises for stroke recovery individuals.

  • Board games

Board games are good for engaging someone. It requires concentration, and the use of memory is also essential. It reduces boredom and stress while reducing the anxiety level. This leads to better cognition in stroke cases. The best neurologist in Gwalior can guide you ahead with medications and exercises.

  • Cooking

Cooking requires patience and basic skills. However, concentration is a must when it comes to adding ingredients. Keeping an eye on the food as it cooks, definitely adds to memory senses. It also boosts cognition. The sensory stimulation is strengthened, and the process itself stimulates the various parts of the brain. The best neurologist in Saket can help with stroke recovery. 

Not just cooking, but sometimes eating can help improve your memory as well. Read about the food items that can contribute to improving brain function.

  • Listening to music

This activity is for everyone, and most people do it daily. An easy and helpful way to increase the attention span with focusing abilities is listening to music. People may face some speaking and language challenges while recovering from a stroke, but music can help improve memory if they sing along with the song.

  • Yoga

Along with games for brain exercise, yoga can be a great method to improve your body movement and memory. It calms your mind and reduces stress. Yoga asanas need focus and concentration to perform, which helps in the sympathetic nervous system. As the nervous system controls the moment and the body’s coordination, the famous neurologist in Patna can guide you with the treatment that is trusted for any neurological disorder.

Following are some good asanas of yoga as a brain exercise:

  • Padmasana
  • Sarvangasana
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Padahastasana
  • Halasana

These should be done carefully as it requires practice as well as physical strength

However, if you’ve been suffering from a long term neural disease, exercises might not yield the best results for you. Booking a consultation with a trustworthy brain doctor is a must for the right medication and treatment.

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