The nervous system is responsible for carrying out several functions in our body by transmitting signals to various parts of the body, thus making coordination possible. The nervous system is like a roadway of thousands of nerves connected to the various parts of the body to carry out daily tasks. Thus, it is paramount for the human body to function. You can read about various Nervous system facts that will tell you how important it is for the body.

A healthy and strong nervous system is essential for one to act promptly and think correctly. A study says that deep breathing has been effective in dealing with the weak nervous system. Let’s go through the article to see which foods and exercises are best for our Nervous system.

Here are some of the best foods for nerve repair

  • Eggs – A regular intake of eggs makes the choline in eggs make acetylcholine. It’s a neurotransmitter that is essential for communication and improving memory among the brain cells. A study also shows that it enhances better performance in memory tests.
  • Avocados– Best on the toast, avocados are fully packed with vitamin K and folate. It stabilises the concentration level and also prevents the formation of a blood clot in the brain. The best part is avocado has high protein with a low sugar level, which makes it a righteous choice.
  • Green leafy vegetables– Green leafy vegetables are said to be healthy when we were kids, but somewhere down the line, we always forget to add greens to our diet. Greens are powerful food to soothe your nerves. Rich in Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Magnesium. Vitamin B assists in moments of neurotransmitters and synthesising them. Vitamin C and E found in leafy vegetables are anti-ageing agents, and magnesium comforts and calms the nerves. Green leafy vegetables are suitable for the autonomic nervous system.
  • Fish – Fish has Omega 3 fatty acids. People who have a deficiency in fatty acids may suffer nerve damage. Myelin sheaths protect nerves that are made of fatty acid. Thus, the deficit can be cured by Omega 3 fatty acids, which are present in fish, and it also helps in the healing of the nervous system.
  • Broccoli– Broccoli is the powerhouse of Vitamin K, which also improves brain power.  It has a rich compound known as glucosinolates which slows down the breaking of neurotransmitters and acetylcholine. It enhances the central nervous system, and on the other hand, low levels of acetylcholine lead to Alzheimer’s. Broccoli is one great food to include in your meal.
  • Pumpkin seeds– With a great balance of nutrients like Magnesium, Copper, Iron, and Zinc, pumpkin seeds are small yet nutritious foods. It contains antioxidants that protect the brain from radical damage. Magnesium is important, as deficiency of magnesium can lead to many neurological diseases. Zinc, too, is crucial for nerve signalling.
  • Nuts– Yes, they do sharpen memory and are good components of healthy fat and antioxidants. Vitamin E especially shields cell membranes from radical damage. Nuts are easy to eat and can be a great alternative to any other quick food.
  • Food items rich in Vitamin B – These include B-6, B-12, and some B-complex vitamins. They play a useful role in repairing nerve health and sensory aspects. It also boosts metabolism.

The best source for :

  • Vitamin B12 are – Sardines, salmon, tuna, mackerel, cod
  • Vitamin B1- green peas, black beans, lentils
  • Vitamin B6- Tuna, salmon
  • Vitamin B2- Soybeans, almonds, etc.

The deficiency of the vitamin B-Complex is relatively standard. One should always seek consultation from an expert before consumption of the above-given supplements. There are several foods items that can help you with nerve repair.

Eating healthy food is necessary for nervous system development stages. Some foods good for nerves and muscles are very essential that can heal damaged nerves and should be consumed in optimum amount for best results.

How to improve the weak nervous system?

Given below are some nerve strengthening exercises and tips on how to improve the nervous system by yoga.

  • Daily walk–  Walking daily for at least 30 minutes per day is a great start to being healthy.  By walking daily, your mind is refreshed and energised. It’s
  • Aerobic Exercises – Aerobic exercises such as swimming, bicycling, brisk walking, etc. make you breathe deeply. This blood circulation and endorphin levels in your body.
  • Stretching Exercises – Stretching is an excellent exercise to rejuvenate your brain and body. They give you flexibility and reduce the risk of you hurting when you exercise.
  • Yoga– Yoga improves the body’s functionality by using different Asanas and breathing techniques. It helps to relax the body and mind and provide relief to you. It incorporates exercises and asanas that activate the nervous system, which is responsible for heart rate. It enables a decrease in cortisol.

Exercising can preserve nerves’ function and promote nerve regeneration. It reduces pain symptoms too. For peripheral neuropathy, exercise precautions should be taken while performing it.

Following are some precautions that can be taken:

  • Do not perform exercises with high intensity from the beginning. Gradually increase the frequency and intensity period to avoid complications.
  • Avoid exercising if you have a foot injury or back inflammation.
  • Consult your doctor if you face any difficulties amid any workout sessions or when the pain is severe.Talk to a neurologist online or book your appointment with the expert neurologist in Delhi.

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