A posture is said to be good when the bones and muscles of either side of the spine are symmetrical to each other and equally support the body. Correct posture is critical to your health and well-being. The good news is that you can achieve correct posture with minimal effort and improve your health by being mindful of your posture throughout the day and making simple changes to improve your posture.

But, what exactly is the need of having a good posture? You might have heard from your parents that ‘Sit Straight’, ‘Walk with your shoulders up and straight’. Let’s read why there is a need for improving your body posture or what are the benefits of good body posture:

  • Adds to Healthy Lungs: The basic concept behind straight back and healthy lungs is that when we slump or slouch, the muscles in the front side of our body compresses which hinders oxygen to fill lungs properly as it should.  This might cause breathing problems and other issues in the long run as your body needs ample oxygen to function properly. Sitting with straight back or walking with your skull straight with shoulders up helps your body to exercise the oxygen intake upto 30% more efficiently than it could before. 

More importantly, it is advised to add Yoga to your morning routine. Yoga expands lungs and stimulates the blood flow to provide oxygen to every organ of the body. 

  • Improve Work Life: When standing up tall, facing the public with confidence inhibits trust of workload, trust of punctuality, trust of leadership in your co-workers and your leaders. It’s most important to look presentable, enthusiastic and confident when you are out for work or become your boss. 

Slumping or leaning your shoulders in front communicates a lack of self confidence, as if you are lazy, unenthusiastic. Slumping will make you fall asleep easily as it increases pressure on shoulder bones and neck bones. 

  • Reduces Joint Pain: Your body is designed to stand in a “neutral” position where your pelvis, head, and core are in a stacked position. The forward-facing head, sloping hips, and excessively curved spine put pressure on the muscles in a way that they cannot stand.This causes pain in Neck bone and lower back bone. If you are a gym goer and some of the exercises have impared your posture or have increased pain in your joints you should contact Dr. Chandril Chugh, one of the best neurologists in Delhi.
  • Healthy stomach means healthy you: Anything incorrect with the body affects the stomach.Good posture while eating communicats complete digestion of food and circulation of digestive juices. Practically, When you stand straight in 180 degrees your organs align well as they are at their originality, meaning no compression or pressure on intestines,stomach and healthy flow of food and digestive juices.  

A slumped posture hinders your digestive process and leads to constipation and GERD. 

  • Reduced Headaches and stress: People who tend to lean more or have a habit of moving with shoulders leaning, neck fallen downwards are more prone to chronic headaches and it doesn’t last longer. They tend to experience headaches every single day and it can turn out to be cervical cancer and in the long run. 

To avoid this one can go for spine and neck exercises. As many of us have busy schedules and tend to find less time for ourselves. This induces more despaired posture and unnecessary headaches. So, one should spend at least 15 minutes a day for neck exercises. You can also contact a doctor for assistance.

  • Increased Athletic Spirit: Good Posture doesn’t resist at head and back but it provides strength to core muscles of your body, buttocks, pelvis and more. When you begin to improve your posture, your body builds up a spirit of individuality, you tend to get more lean towards strengthening your body, you feel more alive and energetic than before. The basic idea behind this is when your body acts according to its natural build up and you support it in doing so, your energy enhances giving it a wave to do more than required. 

To improve your mismanaged body posture contact Dr. Chandril Chugh. 

  • Helps in Weight Management: When you bend your pelvis your stomach creates a pot belly makes you look obese and unfit. Recognising your correct posture by understanding the benefits of having a good posture can make you look skinnier and help you achieve your dream fat stomach. 
  • Better body functioning in the long-run: At the age of 65 many individuals are seen to have slumped back may be to bone density issues or perpetual habit of leaning your back. Working for hours day and night causes these kinds of problems in your late 60s. It’s better to wake up in advance about future issues. 

Your body posture affects the aging of your body. Standing with impaired posture puts pressure on your connective tissues, especially  your joints, and you may feel pain and stiffness as you age. Maintaining a proper posture from the beginning of your teenage years or 20s will make you feel more mobile in your 60s. 

It’s more important to get your body regularly checked with specialists like Dr. Chandril chugh as an advisory for your better old age. 

Tips for Improving Your Posture

  • Yoga
  • Wear a good pair of shoes
  • Contact a good doctor in case of pain in neck or spine
  • Exercise your neck 
  • Have a small walk every morning/evening
  • Stretch buttocks regularly
  • Notice your shoulders while walking
  • Don’t over-use laptops/PC with leaned neck

Your body is like a baby seedling if not watered properly or placed in sunlight, it bends and gets impaired. Likewise, if you don’t take care of your posture it tends to bend in the way you bend it.

Knowing the benefits of good posture are handy for your future reference but, knowing, How poor is your posture? How should you correct your posture? Is more important. Contact or Visit Dr. Chandril Chugh, one of the best Neurologists in Delhi and Patna.